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April 30, 2009

Wired Reports on the Stanford iPhone Class – CS193P

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Wired today put up an article about the Stanford iPhone class. There are pictures of the classroom and a bit of history on CS193P. I was surprised the room wasn’t full.

By the way, the Google Group is up to 362 members and if you are a Twitter user you can search for #CS193P and see what class members are saying. I saw on Twitter today that future Friday sessions will be filmed, that the Stanford iPhone class is now on the front page of iTunes itself and that Lecture #8 is now up on iTunes!


April 29, 2009

Tutorial for PushPop Demo (Pres1 Assignment) Added

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I thought the PushPop Demo in lecture #7 was great. I went through it and added details about using Xcode and Interface Builder. This Tutorial is aimed at someone still uncertain about how to use Xcode and IB together to complete a mutiview multinib application. It would be a good starting point for the Presence 1 assignment if you need it. You can download it by right clicking the link below and the choosing “Save Link As”.


April 28, 2009

Lecture #7 Notes

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A good but rushed Stanford iPhone class lecture that you should watch before doing the Presence 1 assignment. Also the Google Group is now up to 349 members! Lecture Highlights…

3:00 – Topics and Qs ( How to clear NSData in SImulator) (more…)

April 26, 2009

Navigation and Shared Data Walkthru

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Preparing for the Presence assignment I followed a link posted in the Google group to some IB Tutorial videos. The videos were a bit “scattered” but a member named Rudi took the time to post written instructions based on these videos. I found a number of mistakes in his instructions and posted my updates as comments to his wiki (which he has now incorporated). If you find more changes send them to Rudi.

I think Rudi’s instructions are worth following if you are still struggling with the IB. (more…)

Lecture #7 Notes and Examples and PublishingApps Foils Up

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Lecture #7 Materials are on the Stanford iPhone class site and on iTunes. Friday’s how to “PublishApps” section notes are also on the class Announcements site.

April 25, 2009

Good help links –, Google Group

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While starting on the Presence assignment today I found another good Tutorial and forum site you should look at called iphonedevsdk. You can join for free and I found some really good help in the Tutorials forum.

Of course the Stanford iPhone class Google group (now with 260 members) is also an excellent place to get help. Today the owner Rudi posted a good walkthru to help you get started on the Presence assignment.

Edit: Got this one is run by Andy H, Rudi was posting on the site. Sorry!

Assignment 3 Code Snips

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Here are my assignment 3 code snips. I used the IB to tie things together and I did not code object initializations as some did. My biggest time drain was forgetting to tie the PolygonView to controller in IB. From the Google group I see many others had this problem.

Look at the Google group to see how to add the extra credit parts as I did not do those here. I learned a lot by reading the group after I finished this. Good Luck! (more…)

April 24, 2009

Notes on Lecture #6 – MVC, View Controller, IB Demo

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I just got done watching lecture 6 which covers much of what we are wondering about after assignment #3. Highlights are:
5:00 – Start of Class Material on MVC and iPhone App design.
32:00- View Controller Information. Very interesting after the problems I had doing assignment #3. (more…)

Android G1 hits 1 Million sold in 6 months

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According to Android Central T-Mobile has sold 1 million G1 phones in 6 months. I mention this here because I have downloaded the Android SDK and played with the demo apps.

Android is earlier in its adaption curve than the iPhone which could turn out to be good or bad for a Developer starting now. It all depends on how fast Android takes off in the coming year. (more…)

April 23, 2009

Commercial iPhone Class to Cost $1,200

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Mobile Orchard posted an announcement for a “pay to attend” 2 day iPhone class with a projected cost of $1,200. Thank again Stanford and Apple for this online course!

Assignment 3 Completed!

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Just a picture of my completed project done up in Stanford colors.

Assinment 3 screen capture

Twitter Accounts for Next Assignment

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If you want some class buddies on Twitter for the next Stanford iPhone class assignment I am fr8 on Twitter. Also why not start your tweet with #cs193p (lower case and no spaces) and we will have a channel to search for. You can search for them at a site such as then as a way to see messages and pick up new users from the class. You might also want to use the Google group to publish your login. We’ll get our own Oprah thing going!

How Many iPhones and Touch iPods Sold? 37 Million

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According to this live blog of the Apple Quarterly conference call the sum of iPhone plus Touch iPods is now about 37 million units. They also noted there are over 21 million iPhones sold so it seems there must be 16 million Touch iPods out there.

Edit (4/23/2009): According to AppleInsider Apple sold “3.79 million iPhones during the quarter, meaning it also sold a comparable 3.21 million iPod touches”. Almost parity! But we still call all the devices iPhones in normal usage. Maybe there is now a development niche for iTouch (Apple calls them iPod Touch) besides games.

April 22, 2009

Lecture 6 on iTunes

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Lecture 6 of the Stanford iPhone class is now on iTunes. I am still working on assignment #3 ;( The Google group is up to 196 members this morning and I am finding it a great addition to watching the lectures. Edit 2/23 10pm PST: Now up to 260 members.

April 21, 2009

Two Links With Good Tutorials, Lecture #6 Foils Posted

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While doing Assignment 3 I found two good sites that which had Tutorials that helped me, iCodeBlog and iPhone Development Blog ( I have added them in the links section. Also the foils for Lecture #6 of the Stanford iPhone class are on line.

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