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April 15, 2009

Lecture 4 Details

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Lecture 4 of the Stanford iPhone class is very good and quicker paced than the first 3. Details:

2:30 – topics
4:00 – Anatomy of an App

7:50 – App Lifecycle (not comment about the mistake in the handouts for import. Use UIKit and not Cocoa
15:00-> 19:00 – Delegation Digression (can be skipped)
22:00 – Model/View/Controller
27:00 – NIB
43:24 – HelloPoly Demo and Xcode hints (good for assignment 2 walkthru)


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  1. They seemed to have trouble trying to explain the advantages of using Delegation instead of Subclassing so I emailed Evan an analogy they could use:

    Subclassing vs Delegating: Imagine you’re a new writer for DC Comics. Subclassing would be the equivalent of writing a new superhero comic from a ‘superhero template’ where you have to invent the hero’s origin, his powers, where he lives, what his work and secret identity is, who his villains are.

    Delegation would be like taking over an existing superhero comic like Batman. There’s a framework that’s already set for you to use: his origin, his secret identity (Bruce Wayne), where he lives (Wayne Manor), who his villains are (Joker, Two-Face, etc.). So within this framework, the writer makes new stories (or in our case, we make new apps) making use of these existing elements.

    Comment by Vip — April 15, 2009 @ 10:58 pm | Reply

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