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April 19, 2009

Matching the Declaration and Use of a Method

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A question on the Auditor list got me to make a code snip that shows what must match for a method (in this case “description”).

// PolygonShape.h – Declare It!

@interface PolygonShape : NSObject {
int numberOfSides;
int minimumNumberOfSides;
int maximumNumberOfSides;

@property (readonly) NSString * description;

// PolygonShape.m – Define it!

#import “PolygonShape.h”

– (NSString *)description; {
NSLog(@”Hello I am a %d-sided polygone (aka a %@) with angles of %f degrees (%f radians)”, self.numberOfSides,
[self name], [self angleInDegrees], [self angleInRadians]);
return (NSString *)[self name];
// WhatATool.m – Use It!

#import “PolygonShape.h”

PolygonShape *p2 = [[PolygonShape alloc] initWithNumberOfSides:6 minimumNumberOfSides:5 maximumNumberOfSides:9]; // alloc
[marray addObject:p2];
[[marray objectAtIndex:1] description];


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