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April 24, 2009

Android G1 hits 1 Million sold in 6 months

Filed under: Android — gregorykaiser @ 4:01 am

According to Android Central T-Mobile has sold 1 million G1 phones in 6 months. I mention this here because I have downloaded the Android SDK and played with the demo apps.

Android is earlier in its adaption curve than the iPhone which could turn out to be good or bad for a Developer starting now. It all depends on how fast Android takes off in the coming year.

I might very well have ended up with a G1 phone but I live in Google’s home town, Mountain View, and for the first months there were no G1s to be had. Then I realized the iPod touch would get me going without having to sign up for another cell plan. I have several friends who are happy G1 users (1 with an iPhone also). They say the G1 is still more Geeky than the iPhone.

The good news for Android is that it is a free SDK which will run on Mac/Windows/Linux and the Google App store seems more open than the Apple store. The Android’s negative points for me were that Java is just as big a learning curve as Obj. C. and that Google has not smoothed out the first steps of learning as much as Apple has.

If Stanford had offered the “Android Class” I might be taking that now.


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