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May 28, 2009

Android Update – 18 phones Expected this Year

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There are many articles today about the Android platform. Andy Rubin of Google gave an update on how things are going and said they expect 18 Android phones this year. Google also showed version 2.0 and talked about its three models for handset vendors (free, some strings, full Google branded phone). Worth reading about to keep up on this competing platform! Steve Gillmor reported they gave out 4,000 G2 phones at GoogleIO yesterday.


May 26, 2009

App Store Hype Cycle Story – Why I Like the iPhone Platform

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TechCrunch posted a “cold water” story about the iPhone App store yesterday which drew many comments. Their point is that the App store is over hyped as a way to make money. It drew the kind of responses you might predict for this kind of tech story both pro and con. Depending on your your tolerance and interest in such stories it is worth a quick read and I guess we can say we are now in the tear it down part of the tech hype cycle for the App store.

I really enjoyed both the technology and social aspects of CS193P. Obj-C and Cocoa are cool. The instructors and the people I “meet” in our Google Group (664 members now) on Twitter #CS193P and through this blog have been great.

Having developed “Enterprise” software for many years it is good for my soul to see the enthusiasm and creativity of this platform. Touch interfaces and portability make many new things possible much as cheap micro computers and later the internet did. The iPhone and Touch along with the App store provide today’s best way forward for this change. I also hope Android and other platforms develop along side the Apple platform to deliver this change.

May 21, 2009

University of Utah (iPA) Lectures Site

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On the Google group Tomute posted a link to the University of Utah iPhone Programmers Association. They have posted a set of lecture notes (with audio on iTunes U) and programs to get you going with iPhone development. They are concentrating on OpenGL ES if you are interested in games it is worth a look.

May 20, 2009

CS193 Numbers in More Detail

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Fortune has an article where they have more detailed numbers on CS193P downloads and iPhone developers. They say there are about 200,000 auditors downloading classes and about 100,000 keeping up. They also say about 50,000 have paid Apple $99 dollars to be a developer and that 11,800 have uploaded applications to the store. They even have a link to our Google group on the class.

May 18, 2009

CS193P Hits One Million Downloads from iTunes U

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A Stanford press release today says there have been 1 million CS193P downloads so far from iTunes U! And as of today there are 570 members of the Google Group for the class. Amazing and thanks to all who have made this online class possible! If each watcher made 20 downloads then there are 50,000 auditors (probably a high estimate but who knows?)

May 17, 2009

“iPhone Development” a Great Code Blog

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As the class winds down it’s time to find places to that have interesting code examples to study. One of the best is “iPhone Development” by Jeff LaMarche one of the coauthors of “Beginning iPhone Development. Two good coding examples I have been looking at there are an OpenGL ES series and how to detect a circle gesture. Also worth watching are his debugging screecasts Part1 and Part2.

May 15, 2009

Lecture #13 – Debug/Search/Notification/Presence 4 Demo

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I watched lecture 13 last night and thought it was a bit scattered. Make sure and watch the beginning (at 2:20) where debugging programs with obj-c exceptions is covered. The two main hints were to set a breakpoint at “objc_exception_throw” and to look at the “Console” output for the best hints at where your program died.

At 57:00 Presence #4 is demoed. The additions from Presence #3 are using the address book, adding a “tab” navigation bar and searching for data. (more…)

May 13, 2009

Where to See the Presence Assignments Run

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Want to see the Presence assignments run before you start coding? You can look in the lectures as follows:

1. Presence #1 – In Movie #6 – View Controllers at 1:10:45
2. Presence #2 – In Movie #8 – Table Views at 51:32
3. Presence #3 – In Movie #10 – Performance at 1:07:11
4. Presence #4 – In Movie #13 – Debugging Tips & Searching at 57:00

Passing Data Between View Classes Tutorial – Presence #2

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I got some e-mail again about passing data so I made this tutorial. There are really very few changes needed but they are spread across 6 files and if you miss some of them it can be hard to track down. As you follow these steps make sure and learn the pattern of #imports, ivar declaration and @property statements in the class .h file and the corresponding @synthesize statement needed in the class .m file. (more…)

May 12, 2009

Hoping for the iShoe (running SDK V3.0) at WWDC

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I was helping someone with Presence 3 today so I made little progress on mine. While browsing the Web as a background task I grabbed this image (can’t remember from which but it’s on the Wikipedia site). Also the Google group is up to 518 members today.


May 11, 2009

Download the CS193P Class Materials

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While googling for some help I saw Blog posts from last year pointing at today’s CS193P site. It appears the Lecture Notes and Demo programs got removed from the class URL when the class began again this spring.

CS193P is a very good introduction to iPhone Development and I see Google group participants who have “time shifted” the class and are just starting. I don’t know Stanford’s plans (and I know SDK V3.0 is coming) but if you plan to “take” CS193P be sure to download the class materials and the iTunes U lectures while they are there.

May 10, 2009

Getting Clang to work – Hopefully

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Lecture #11 had a short section (look about 5:00 in) on using Clang to do static analysis of your projects to look for memory issues. It looked pretty easy so I downloaded Clang thinking I’d learn something about memory management by running it on some of my completed projects.

Edit : Make sure and use Clang version checker-0.199 or above if you see an #error “SSE instruction set not enabled” when you run Clang.

May 9, 2009

Pinch Media Data on Downloads and App Use

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Pinch Media posted a slide deck covering 30 Million application downloads. It covers what it takes to get into the “Top 25” (20,000/day), App Usage (4% after a month), free vs. paid app statistics (6 free to 1 paid) and how to make money advertising in your App. There are many details in the 33 pages of the presentation so if you’re interested in this stuff go have a look. (Unrelated Note: The Google Group is up to 488 members today.)

May 8, 2009

Wide World of CS193P Auditors – “Tomute’s Notes”

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I am following the #CS193P tweets and today one came up with a link to a Japanese blog called “Tomute‚Äôs Notes” following the class. It was fun to poke around (Google translate works well). He has good code examples for the Poly and Presence assignments. The Stanford iPhone class is spreading around the world! Edit: Tomute’s author tweeted me and suggested another blog ( as a very good CS193P reference.

App Store Submissions must be 3.0 Compatible

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Posted today on the TUAW website: “According to an email sent to developers, “Beginning today, all submissions to the App Store will be reviewed on the latest beta of iPhone OS 3.0. If your app submission is not compatible with iPhone OS 3.0, it will not be approved.” ” This change seems to make sense from the iPhone User point of view so it seems to me that it is a good change.

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