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May 1, 2009

Evan suggests solutions to Common Nil Object Problems

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At the 5:20 mark in lecture #9 Evan talks for 5 minutes about two problems in assignment #2 and #3 much discussed in this group …

1. Calling a method does nothing -> Your object is probably still = nil. A message to a nil object won’t fail and won’t do anything. He suggests using NSLog or the debugger to track this down.

2. IBOutlet variables are set up in IB but are nil in your code -> Evan reminds us that the Nib loading is “lazy” and not to use these variables in -init. Put code for these variables in -viewDidLoad (usually just called once after load of Nib) or -viewWillAppear (called before the view is displayed like during the pushing and popping of views with navigation bar). I had exactly this problem when I did the Presence 1 assignment. I put the view update code right after where they set the Title in the -init method and it did not seem to do anything.


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