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May 28, 2009

Android Update – 18 phones Expected this Year

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There are many articles today about the Android platform. Andy Rubin of Google gave an update on how things are going and said they expect 18 Android phones this year. Google also showed version 2.0 and talked about its three models for handset vendors (free, some strings, full Google branded phone). Worth reading about to keep up on this competing platform! Steve Gillmor reported they gave out 4,000 G2 phones at GoogleIO yesterday.


May 26, 2009

App Store Hype Cycle Story – Why I Like the iPhone Platform

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TechCrunch posted a “cold water” story about the iPhone App store yesterday which drew many comments. Their point is that the App store is over hyped as a way to make money. It drew the kind of responses you might predict for this kind of tech story both pro and con. Depending on your your tolerance and interest in such stories it is worth a quick read and I guess we can say we are now in the tear it down part of the tech hype cycle for the App store.

I really enjoyed both the technology and social aspects of CS193P. Obj-C and Cocoa are cool. The instructors and the people I “meet” in our Google Group (664 members now) on Twitter #CS193P and through this blog have been great.

Having developed “Enterprise” software for many years it is good for my soul to see the enthusiasm and creativity of this platform. Touch interfaces and portability make many new things possible much as cheap micro computers and later the internet did. The iPhone and Touch along with the App store provide today’s best way forward for this change. I also hope Android and other platforms develop along side the Apple platform to deliver this change.

April 24, 2009

Android G1 hits 1 Million sold in 6 months

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According to Android Central T-Mobile has sold 1 million G1 phones in 6 months. I mention this here because I have downloaded the Android SDK and played with the demo apps.

Android is earlier in its adaption curve than the iPhone which could turn out to be good or bad for a Developer starting now. It all depends on how fast Android takes off in the coming year. (more…)

April 11, 2009

Which Mobile Platform Should I Develop for? Ovi?

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I came across this article about various mobile platforms today by Ewan Macleod. It discusses the Valley developer’s tunnel vision with iPhone and Android to the exclusion of the much larger Nokia Ovi installed base. Its worth a read.

The counter argument from Mike Rowehl points to Apple as the company to break open the old boys network of carriers and manufacturers happy to stifle apps. Read the head of “new markets” at Nokia talking about this and the iPhone looks even better.

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