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May 7, 2009

Fix them Now! – “warning: “Class” may not respond to -blah”

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While working on Presence #2 I hit the stage where sending -initWithName messages to my Person class was causing the warning during compilation “warning: “Person” may not respond to ‘-initWithName:displayname:pictureUrl:timeline:’ Messages without a matching method signature…”. Then when the code ran it threw an exception. It took 20 minutes for me to figure out why (I know – dumb me). I had typed “displayname:” and not displayName:” . If you see this warning look for typos and fix them before actually trying to run your application. I post this entry so as not to forget this lesson.
I also set my default editor font up from the default ’10’ size to ’12’ after this so I could more easily “see” small errors like this. You do this in the Xcode>Preference..>Fonts&Colors window.


April 14, 2009

Tue 4/14 – Debug Foils, Assignment #3 and Lecture 4 Up

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The Slides from the debugging class Friday are posted Section-1-XCodeDebugging.pdf. {Edit:Lecture 4 up also now at the same link and the lecture is on iTunes). Assignment 3 has also been posted on the Stanford iPhone class announcements page

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