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Starting CS193P Hints

When you start the CS193P class as an online Auditor here are some hints to get you going:

1. If you don’t know C, C++ or Objective-C start learning the language before taking the Class. A good book for this is “Programming in Objective-C 2.0 2nd Edition” by Stephan Kochan. This book teaches Obj-C without assuming you know C or Java.

2. For answers to your questions join the Google Group right away. There are well over 400 members now. The Stanford CS193P mailing list is really only for the instructors to broadcast information.

3. It is well worth going through the code for class Demos posted as .zip files on the class website. These examples really helped me.

4. The best beginning iPhone development book I have is “Beginning iPhone Development – Exploring the iPhone SDK” by Dave Mark and Jeff LaMarche. The topics in the book are very much like the topics the class covers. They also spend time teaching Xcode and Interface Builder. Their website has all the source code in the book. I find this book provides a great parallel resource as I watch the class.

5. Do the assignments if you want to learn this stuff.

6. Check out my links on the first page of this blog for other good iPhone coding resources on the web.

7. Download the Stanford iPhone class site materials when you start. They have “restarted” the site at the beginning of the class before.

If you have any other “getting started” hints please post them as comments.

Good Luck,



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  1. […] 4. Now for Stanford’s online iPhone App Development course page. Finish Assignment1A and Assignment1B by downloading the Assignment1A.pdf and Assignment1B.pdf. When you get stuck (if you get stuck) please do not give up! Persevere and search the documentation (Help > Documentation, in Xcode) for what you’re looking for (by using general keywords). Getting help for the course material is in the 2nd link. LINK! 2nd LINK! […]

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